Dashiki a Garment with a radical history

Dashiki a Garment with a radical history

The cloth we wear comes with a certain history that emanates from those clothes which constitute the various history behind the cloth, one of the cloths that have such radical historical value is the ikrest made dashiki which is a beauty to behold when you talk about clothing design that can fit for various occasion and give you the desired result. Dashiki is one of the popular contemporary cloth that is been worn by both the old and the young, great African legends such as Fela Kuti, Nelson Mandela, and other world leaders were seen at one point or the other putting on dashiki in public appearance.

The word “dashiki” comes from the Yoruba word dashiki, used to refer to the loose-fitting pullover which originated in West Africa as a functional work tunic for men, comfortable enough to wear in the heat. The Yoruba loaned the word dashiki from the Hausa term dan ciki, which means “underneath.” The dan Chiki garment was commonly worn by males under large robes. Similar garments were found in sacred Dogon burial caves in Southern Mali, which date back to the 12th and 13th centuries.

The roots of the garment are not lost on anyone, it is an unmistakably African item. Its symbolic significance, however, was molded thousands of miles outside of the continent’s borders. It was those of African descent, whose ancestors were hauled to North America in chains, who carried this torch. The Civil Rights and Black Panther Movements of the 1960s and early 70s gave the dashiki its political potency. African Americans adopted the article as a means of rejecting Western cultural norms. This is when the dashiki moved beyond style and functionality to become an emblem of Black pride, as illustrative of the beauty of blackness as an afro or a raised fist.

Like the Black Americans who championed it in the mid 20th century, the dashiki is no less African because the bulk of its identity was shaped in a different land. The dashiki, whether worn in Lagos or Washington D.C. is loudly and proudly black. This is why we at ikrest classic and luxury brings your knowledge to the ikrest made dashiki that has a combination of both beauty and splendor when it comes to your fashion choice.

Choose ikrest classic and luxury for that classic look always.

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