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If you want that unique African print, ikrest is your number one spot for all kinds of African attire. ikrest Ankara products are one of the best in west Africa. take your time to make your choice among these collections of perfect designs of Ankara styles.

Before you look down upon Ankara clothing you might be wearing right now, you should know that… just as Nigerian music is taking over the world, so is the Ankara fashion industry taking over the world of fashion.

If you look everywhere, you’d see famous international celebrities like Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Gwen Stephanie, and Beyonce, wearing Ankara fashion wears (on a regular basis).

And guess what…

It’s not just international Celebrities that have taken a liking to Nigerian/African fashion…. It’s everybody!

Also, take a look at e-Commerce giants such as Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay, you’d notice that many Chinese corporations have taken advantage of this emerging Ankara trend, and are manufacturing and marketing hundreds of thousands of Ankara wears all over the world.

Black people all over the world have incorporated Ankara fashion as one of their regular wardrobe items (especially in America).

It is not unusual to see African Americans (and even White people), wearing Ankara print to their prom nights, prom dates, Black history event gatherings, birthday parties – and even their place of work.

The number of Ankara fashion Styles can only be restricted by the quality of the creativity and ingenuity of the tailor/fashion designer. There are factually hundreds of Ankara styles out there.

African prints are well-noted for their elaborate designs portraying African culture, tradition, and history.

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