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Ikrest in the Digital Fashion world

Ikrest Outsmart Competitors in the Digital Fashion world, Luxury’s direction towards consolidation is undeniable. Right before the pandemic, for example, Through pandemic, some of us decided to bring out some of those clothes we kept because no one was guaranteed the next day. we continued to see luxury companies consolidate.
In addition to that, fashion experts continued consolidation as an attempt to accelerate digitization efforts in the luxury sphere. In November 2020, one of the most notable consolidations for digitization strategies included Farfetch, Alibaba, and Richemont, which formed a global partnership in their effort to “integrate the digital and physical realms, according to the McKinsey 2021 State of Fashion report.

Fashion executives see digital as the biggest opportunity by far for 2022, with 70 percent of executives expecting growth of more than 20 percent in their e-commerce channels.” Thus, with the industry’s efforts to consolidate for digital’s sake, it has become apparent that luxury sees digitization as the key to prosperity in the next phase of Fashion industry growth.

Also, conglomerates like Ikrest classics and luxury accelerate their digital advantages through consolidation because it apparently offers the brand more control in all markets.

Since a conglomerate’s portfolio offers its brands endless access to talent acquisition, marketing expenditure, retail presence, and supply chain, Ikrest appears to withstand fast industry changes.

However, this is not the case with ikrest classics and luxury because it has proved to be equal to the task of what the fashion industry throws at it when it comes to digital fashion growth,ikrest can be said to be a leading brand that provides the best clothing collection in Nigeria and African as a continent.

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