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The Astonishing Look of iKrest Velvet Dashiki Design

Velvet is usually made from synthetic and natural fibers, but it was originally made from silk. Pure silk velvet is rare today, as it’s extremely expensive.

Most velvet that is marketed as silk velvet combines both silk and rayon. Synthetic velvet can be made from polyester, nylon, viscose, or rayon.
Used widely across fashion, velvet has long been a go-to fabric for creating a high-style look. But it can come off as a little intimidating you might feel it reads too extravagant or that caring for it is too troublesome.

We’re here to dispel those rumors and to let you know that velvet is in fact a practical option for people who understand class and luxury. The fabric feels and looks more luxurious than most of us can imagine, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less adaptable in the body. Because it’s available in such a wide array of forms, you can go all-out or keep it simple.

velvet is quite costly to produce and therefore available only to wealthy and royal families. Nobles in particular were drawn to its ability to accept richly hued dyes. Queen Elizabeth II still wears dyed velvet robes and regalia in formal ceremonies which explain why she is always looking her very best, this part of the fashion design has often been neglected by most fashion brand,ikrest classics and luxury are one of the leading brands who are proud of producing astonishing velvet dashiki design that can speak volume in appearance and look.

Ikrest classics and luxury, therefore, brings you into the great light of wearing the best outfit you can ever imagine when it comes to making you look good and astonishing.

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