How to Wear Vintage

How to Wear Vintage

How to Wear Vintage:

How to Wear Vintage

How to Wear Vintage: Vintage should never be worn as a complete outfit. You can start by adding iKrest Vintage Shirts to your wardrobe. Everyone needs that one unique piece to alter his or her style or try something new. You should feel natural when you wear a vintage piece, not as if you are wearing a costume. Everything you wear must make you feel like yourself. We never advise our clients to wear clothes that are trending but to wear styles that suit them and make them feel comfortable. Sometimes Vintage can be more suitable than modern fashion, with our range of Ikrest Vintage shirts you will always feel stylish and comfortable.

Wearing Vintage can sometimes feel like a gamble because some people may make fun of it. However, you should always accept your style and keep your head high for it. You are fabulous and unique. Wearing vintage is always eye-catching and you will have strangers coming up to, complimenting your dress or your jacket. Accept the compliments and the attention you receive.

“Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely.” Adama Amanda Ndiaye

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