Your favorite statement pieces

Your favorite statement pieces

Your outfit can be elevated from casual to fancy by adding one statement piece. Statement pieces add interest in outfits and a personality. Statement pieces are always a necessity for every wardrobe, they make your look effortless, and if sometimes an outfit is not working, you can add a statement piece to garner attention instead of redoing the whole outfit. You can check out some statement pieces from iKrest streetwear and iKrest Jackets to add to your wardrobe.

Buy statement pieces that speak out to you, not that are in trend. You can pick a bright iKrest Vintage shirt as your statement piece or iKrest Bespoke. Your statement pieces must reflect your personality. Only ever, add one statement piece to your outfit. It should be the star of your look. Statement pieces often stand out and hence one item is enough to brighten a look or make a dull outfit look interesting.

People often get confused that statement pieces should be jewelry or sparkly but no, anything with striking detailing can also be a statement piece. Your statement pieces must catch everyone’s eye, making your outfit appear unique and stylish. The way I dress may be ‘different’ or ‘eccentric’ to some who feel the need to label, but that’s of no concern to me. I don’t dress to be stared at; I dress for myself. When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else.

As far as accessories are concerned, I think it is always best to be as minimalist as possible. Alice Temperley

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